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40% of employees will submit an incorrect expense report. Expense reports for values over Ksh 50,000 are exaggerated by 14% on average. Expense reports for values less than Ksh 50,000 are exaggerated by an average of 22% on average.

The Business Pass has been designed to eliminate the need for expense reports and paper receipts. Fraud in expense report can happen in the following ways:

Mischaracterized expenses

Employees submit personal expenses under the category of business expenses. Such sort of mischaracterized claims are common as there is usually no way of categorizing a claim by only looking at the submitted receipt.

Fictitious expenses

These claims are bogus receipts that appear genuine. The fictitious are with computer-generated on handwritten in receipt books that can be commonly purchased from printers across the county.

Overstated expenses

In these cases, the employee inflates the cost of a legitimate expense. This can be done by changing the handwritten amount or showing a larger tip than what was actually paid.

Multiple reimbursements

This is a case where an employee remits the same receipt for an item more than once. Here, the finance teams may approve duplicate payments, if not careful about accepting expense claims. A widespread example of this is when an employee submits two bills where expenses from one are included in the other.

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