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Advantages for employers

Boost your productivity

In the afternoon, the average employee productivity is 25% less than in the morning. With M-KULA, give your staff the energy to stay focused and motivated, which will increase their daily output and wellbeing. Healthier employees are also less likely to have sick leaves.

Incentivize on your employees’achievements

Use M-KULA as a performance-based rewards system which will help you have a higher employee retention. You will foster team spirit by encouraging them to have meals together and achieve common objectives.

Optimize your tax bill and save on your costs

M-KULA solution is tax exempted up to Ksh. 48,000 per employee per year. The cost is also an allowable expense against the employers’ tax liability. Therefore, it gives you a budget friendly solution with full transparency on money spending on employee benefits. Moreover, our solution is easily implemented and no investments required.

Provide meals and value at the same time

M-KULA eliminates disputes that arise between the caterer and employee or employer on what was consumed, removing the ill feeling that comes up in these situations, and saves your team’s time that would be spent in resolving the discrepancies.

How it works


Step 1

Account is opened

Step 1

Employee & amounts entered

Step 1

Order confirmed

Step 1

Payments made

Step 1

E-voucher disbursed to employees