Client FAQs

How can I sign up?

Please fill in this form and we shall get in touch  with you.


How do I use the portal?

Please use this tutorial for detailed guidance on  the same.


How do I upload employees into the system?

Please use this tutorial for detailed guidance on  the same.


How do I place an order?

Please use this tutorial for detailed guidance on the same.


How do I get my invoice?

After placing and authorizing an order, you will receive an ETR copy of your invoice via mail.


Does the value expire?

Yes. The voucher has a validity of 6 months after expiry.

Consumer FAQs

How do I activate my account?

To activate your account you need to have an activation code which is sent via SMS by “Apptivate”. You should use this code to activate your account using the ‘Apptivate Africa’ app on android or IOS. In case you don’t have a smartphone, please ask the Apptivate administrator at your employer to do this for you, or reach us on +254202566566 for us to assist with activation.


What is OTP code?

OTP is a 5-digit code sent via SMS by ‘Apptivate’ once you key in your phone number when logging in. Use it to log in to your app


How do I use the app?

Please refer to this app tutorial.


How do I know which outlets I can transact at?

On our App (Apptivate Africa) home page there is a button titled ‘find outlets’. Tap on this and ensure that your location is on. It should show all outlets that are near you with their name, phone number and distance. You can then get directions to the actual outlet. In case you don’t have a smartphone, please reach us on +254202566566 for us to assist with finding outlets.


How can I transact if I don’t have a smartphone?

Tell the merchant that you would like to transact with their phone. The merchant will enter the amount payable and will pass the device to you to complete your transaction by keying in your phone number and PIN. Transaction confirmation is the same as the consumer-initiated option.


How do I know whether my transaction has gone through?

On your app, there is a bell button on the top right. Click on this and it should show all the transaction messages whether successful or failed. You can also check the same under transactions on the button left of your app. In case you don’t have a smartphone, you should receive an SMS with the full transaction details.


What happens if I registered with the wrong number or changed my phone number?

Please contact your HR/Finance office for them to create a new account for you.


What happens when I pay to the wrong account number, pay more than once erroneously or pay more than was expected erroneously?

Please reach us on +254202566566 within 12hrs of the transaction for us to effect a reversal.


What happens when you forget your PIN?

You can reset your PIN on the Apptivate Africa app. In case you don’t have a smartphone, please reach us on +254202566566 for us to change your PIN


Can you withdraw the amount topped up as cash?

No. The amount can only be redeemed at the provided outlets.


Can I transfer my balance to someone else?

No. The amount is not transferable and can only be redeemed at provided outlets.


Why can I only transact at certain outlets/for limited value?

These are restrictions that are set by your company administrators.


How do I increase my daily limit/network limit?

In this case, please liaise with your company administrators.


I have not received my OTP.

Please reach us on +254202566566 for further assistance.


What is M-Kula?

M-Kula is a Digital vouchers to feed your employees in a transparent and efficient manner


What is M-Tuza?

M-Tuza is a Multi-store digital vouchers to reward and recognize your employees and clients.


What is Business pass?

Business pass is a new and digital way for your employees to settle business-related expenses.


How can I get assistance?

You can reach us via call on +254202566566 , WhatsApp on +254110006858, email and all social media pages @apptivateafrica.


What happens when I leave my employer?

Depending with the arrangement you have with your employer, the employer will decide how to settle the same.


Can I send M-Tuza voucher to a friend?

Yes. On the app there is a ‘Buy M-Tuza’ option, use it to buy M-Tuza for your friends.