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Advantages for Apptivate merchants

Drive incremental traffic

Apptivate Merchants have an advantage over other business as M-KULA users are provided with additional remuneration from their employers in the form of an employee benefit. This benefit is only redeemable at a Apptivate merchants network which attracts guaranteed extra cash on a regular basis.

Benefit from Viral Marketing

Make your brand more visible through a variety of promotional materials and enhance your sales by advertising on our Apptivate mobile app. Save any additional marketing costs

Get started with a budget friendly setup

We train your team to use a 100% digital solution which will help bring cost transparency and optimize your back office. No up-front budget needed to join our partnership.

Guaranteed reimbursement

As a global leader in Quality of Life services, Apptivate Benefits and Rewards strongly enforces low delay payment as its internal policy.

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How it works


Step 1

Apptivate makes the first visit

Step 1

Sign the merchant contract

Step 1

Increase revenue through Apptivate

Step 1

Receive payment