The Business Pass Guarding Against Expense Report Fraud

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Mis-Characterized Expenses

Employees categorize personal expenses as business-related, often challenging to detect from the submitted receipts alone

Fictitious Expenses

Fraudulent claims feature bogus receipts, either computer-generated or handwritten, closely resembling genuine receipts and easily accessible from local printers

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Overstated Expenses

Employees inflate the cost of legitimate expenses, often by altering handwritten amounts or exaggerating tips, leading to financial discrepancies.

Multiple Reimbursements

Employees submit the same receipt multiple times, potentially leading to duplicate payments if not rigorously scrutinized by the finance team, such as combining expenses from one bill into another

The Business Pass has been designed to eliminate the need for expense reports and paper receipt
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Did You Know

40% of employees will submit an incorrect expense report. Expense reports for values over Ksh 50,000 are exaggerated by 14% on average. Expense reports for values less than Ksh 50,000 are exaggerated by an average of 22% on average.

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